Workshop 4: Tourism and Peace

This second Tourism and Peace workshop marks the commitment of the Critical Tourism Studies researchers to continue a discourse on the ways in which tourism may promote a fair and just world, and also the ways in which tourism fails to achieve this noble vision of peace. The purpose of this workshop is to engage more deeply with a variety of issues that are inter-connected with tourism and peace, and outline a clear research agenda for this special interest group. The session will provide researchers with an opportunity to be involved in peace research and map out the varied interests that ought to be included in future tourism and peace inquiry.

Some of the topics we would like to discuss include activism, inter-, cross-, multi- & post-disciplinarity, methodological issues related to the positioning of the researcher, but also the role of the researcher in critical multi-perspectival contexts – including one’s insights and epistemological reflections. The workshop will seek to delve into matters of site interpretation, war memorabilia, and the problematic aspects of seeing tourism and peace research only through the lens of ‘dark tourism’. Given the local context of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the workshop will serve as a platform for re-visiting some of the existing and emerging concepts such as negative peace and structural violence.

Underpinned by critical thinking and a desire to create a space for researchers that is meaningful, useful, and respectful of different voices, the workshop will be highly interactive, and organised at a place that holds specific significance to the subject of tourism and peace. The “secret site” is within walking distance from the main conference venue, and weather permitting, will be incorporated into the activities that have been thoughtfully planned. For the first time, the workshop will also include a local, non-academic activist voice! By including native people who are most impacted by these developments, we are hoping to stimulate further discussion and keep our academic feet firmly on the ground.

The workshop is open to researchers and students regardless of their disciplinary orientation or current research interests.


Dr   Tomas Pernecky
School of Hospitality and   Tourism
Faculty of Culture and Society
Auckland University of   Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Senija Causevic
School of Law and Social   Sciences
Department of Financial and Management Studies
SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H OXG

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