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Dear CTS-ers!

We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming conference as much as we are. If you would like to make the most of your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, then we can suggest the products offered by Green Visions, one of our partner organisations in Sarajevo.

Green Visions is a socially responsible travel company in Sarajevo. From their first trip to Prenj in August 2000, they have operated as a social business, committed to the communities and environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their tours and development projects provide you with an authentic and organic experience of the majestic Dinaric highlands whilst providing local communities with vital social, spiritual and economic support to maintain their traditional lifestyles. One of the vital aspects of this support is the training and education of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s youth. Green Visions is dedicated to creating long term, viable solutions in the eco-tourism field for one of the region’s most vulnerable populations.

For more information, please contact sarajevo@greenvisions.ba.

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