Counting down to Sarajevo – update 2

Dear CTS delegates, The countdown to Sarajevo continues, so here we are with some further news for you! As promised in our last update, we are now able to provide you with some more information about transfers from Sarajevo airport to the conference hotels (all three hotels are very close to one another, so everyone can use the same transfer …Continue reading →

Getting ready for CTS – news and updates

Dear CTS delegates,   The fifth CTS conference is almost upon us – we hope that just like us, you are looking forward to coming to sunny Sarajevo. We have some news for you about the programme, the papers, transport to the venue, trips and visits, and optional activities you can sign up for. An outline programme is now available …Continue reading →

Extending your trip

Dear CTS-ers! We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming conference as much as we are. If you would like to make the most of your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, then we can suggest the products offered by Green Visions, one of our partner organisations in Sarajevo. Green Visions is a socially responsible travel company in Sarajevo. From …Continue reading →

Workshop 4: Tourism and Peace

This second Tourism and Peace workshop marks the commitment of the Critical Tourism Studies researchers to continue a discourse on the ways in which tourism may promote a fair and just world, and also the ways in which tourism fails to achieve this noble vision of peace. The purpose of this workshop is to engage more deeply with a variety …Continue reading →

Workshop 3: Creative journeys through visual tourism research

Visual images, like all representations, “are never innocent or neutral reflections of reality…they re-present for us: that is, they offer not a mirror of the world but an interpretation of it.” (Midalia, 1999: 28) This quotation from Midalia provides the backdrop for the interactive and inspired discussions that we hope to stimulate in this workshop. Specifically, the question of how …Continue reading →

Workshop 2: Scholarship and critical action

Workshop 2 Scholarship and critical action: Do we shed the chains of the ivory tower at our own peril? I often think with great fondness of the time when I had just started my PhD. In my youthful enthusiasm, I was convinced that my research would have an academic impact – it would tell academics what social tourism was – …Continue reading →

First workshop announced: Critical Tourism and Emotions

  Hello CTSers!   We can now announce the first of our four workshops, which will combine presentations with interactive audience discussions. The workshop ‘ Critical Tourism and Emotions‘ will be led by Dorina Buda and Sandro Carnicelli-Filho.   Tourist encounters, experiences and performances are lived through emotions such as anger, fun, fear, excitement, joy, and pain, for example, thus …Continue reading →

Just a conference bag? Think again!

Conference bags are very much the black sheep of the meetings sector. First they were blamed for being environmentally unfriendly – in response many producers started to use recyclable materials. Unfortunately however, ‘recyclable’ does not always equal ‘attractive’: because many delegates threw their conference bags away after the event, organisers were advised to look for designs delegates were likely to …Continue reading →

Let the countdown begin

Hello there. Thank you for taking an interest in the next Critical Tourism Studies conference! For us, Lynn Minnaert and Senija Causevic, it is a very special conference, even though it is the 5th in the series: whereas in the past we were mere delegates, this time we are helping to organise the event. We really want to get things …Continue reading →