CTS V Philosophy


Building on the success of four preceding editions (Dubrovnik 2005, Split 2007, Zadar 2009, Cardiff 2011), the CTS conference series continues in 2013 in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This city, famous for its cultural and religious diversity as well as for its dynamic revitalisation after the Balkan war, is rapidly profiling itself as an international tourism destination – as such it is a very suitable, stimulating environment for discussing a critical turn in tourism research, education and action. The conference will be co-hosted by the University of Surrey, SOAS, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Institute for Tourism Zagreb.


Action is the key word for this conference – and as such, like the previous 4 conferences, CTS V has tried to be unlike the average academic convention.  We have aimed to maximise the benefits of the conference to the local community by

  • Only working with local suppliers, and spreading the benefits across different partners
  • Working closely with three charity partners (see below for more details)
  • Trying to connect with local academics and students
  • Pledging any profit the conference may make to the charity partners



Who they are:

Mozaik is a community development foundation that provides grants and advisory support for local initiatives of common interest throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. They focus on local resource mobilization and sustainability of social and economic development through implementing a range of programs that support initiatives in rural communities. (www.mozaik.ba)

How they work with CTS:

One of the development projects of Mozaik is an eco-farm in one of the poorest areas of Bosnia, that runs as a successful social enterprise. The farm offers training programmes and employment to local women so that they can become financially independent. On Thursday 27th of June, we will offer a small group of delegates the chance to visit this farm as a day excursion (during parallel sessions). As CTS V is all about action, we also encourage you to get stuck in and help out, experiencing the work of Mosaic first hand. You can put yourself forward for this experience on Wednesday – if interested please pack suitable clothing.


Who they are:

Mali Koraci is a non-governmental organization for dialogue established in Sarajevo. Its mission is to promote peace and nonviolence at all levels of society: from the family to the local community and at the national level. Small Steps is dedicated to an interfaith vision of peace and nonviolence, based on the historical differences in ethnicity / religious traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and pluralistic civil order. (malikoraci.com.ba)

How they work with CTS:

The organisation has long had the ambition to establish an ‘interfaith tour’ of Sarajevo, led by women from different faith groups. CTS will provide a small grant to the organisation to develop this idea further, and to pilot the tour with CTS delegates on Thursday 28th. It is the aim that the organisation can develop the tours into a product that can be marketed via the tourist office, thus providing a stream of income and aiding the capacity building of local women.


Who they are:

BH Crafts is a certified social enterprise that produces handmade clothing and decorative items, employing women from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The projects unites creative, humanitarian, business and psychotherapeutic aims and has established itself firmly throughout the country. The director,. Lejla Radončić, has developed BH Crafts into a successful and export-oriented business, thus allowing it to extend its humanitarian reach. (www.bhcrafts.org)

How they work with CTS:

BH Crafts will provide the conference bags for CTS V. The organisers also offer them a free exhibition table so they can sell their beautiful products to interested conference delegates.

Education Builds B&H:



Who they are:

For almost 17 years, the Association “Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina” has been helping children of victims of the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as disabled and talented children of Bosnia, to successfully complete their schooling and become productive members of society. Thanks to the work of one staff member and dozens of volunteers, the Association have allocated more than 28,000 scholarships and distributed school materials, clothes, shoes, food, ceramic boards, computers and other teaching aids and also organised summer holidays for the children.

How we work with them:

The Association will take the delegates to the alternative ‘war tour’ around Sarajevo, which is  going to showcase  human interactions where people to people relationships went beyond political boundaries and presented a triumph of human spirit. CTS will make a  donation to this great cause, which will help the organisation build Bosnia and Herzegovina through education, the aim which is so much in line with the CTS scholarship.