Destination branding challenges in the multiethnic context: the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to some authors (Van den Berghe, 1994; Grünewald, 2006) cultural and ethnic characteristics for specific ethnic groups, which define them in opposition to other ethnic groups, can become important elements of overall tourism destination appeal or destination image. The hypothesis that multiethnic wealth can represent one of the most important attributes of overall destination appeal and destination image is also demonstrated in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a research conducted by Skoko (2012). The research results showed that the multiethnic character of the country and its rich cultural diversity are some of the most distinctive features associated with the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina among the countries in the region. Having this in mind, this paper analyzes the potential of cultural diversity and multiethnicity to become one of the most important tourism attractions and branding attributes, regardless of the fact that it currently represents one of the greatest obstacles to a comprehensive and systematic branding of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a single tourism destination.

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Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Destination branding, multi-ethnic
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force