Papers – Critical action in the classroom

Billy Collins, Mark Wallin(June 19, 2013)
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Keywords: event education
Categories: Critical action in the classroom
Michael Ireland(June 2, 2013)
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Summary: Tourism destinations rely on the power of images for their success or failure in attracting visitors. This paper presents vistas of a rural community in Devon, south west Britain, situated at the northern gateway to the Dartmoor National Park. These vistas have been complied and presented a series of photographic essays by students from the School of Geography, Earth and …Continue reading →
Keywords: photographic essay, photography, tourism
Categories: Critical action in the classroom
Karla Boluk, Sandro Carnicelli(May 23, 2013)
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Summary: Researching, teaching, fundraising, and administrating are some of the various roles carried out by 21st century academics. Within the industry there are pressures to be exceptional teachers, leaders, learners, writers and to carry out the aforementioned whilst simultaneously balancing demanding administrative duties; including marking, meeting with students and applying for funding. However, some academics may feel compelled to carry out …Continue reading →
Keywords: activism, Social engagement, universities
Categories: Critical action in the classroom
1. Weng Si Lei, 2. Ching Chi Lam(April 22, 2013)
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Summary: This study is formed based on experiential learning theory to provide students with real life experience to plan, organise, and host an event. It aims to evaluate the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of the course in knowledge and skills acquired by participated students. Two forms of evaluation – Reaction and Learning based on Kirkpatrick’s learning evaluation informed the study. Online …Continue reading →
Keywords: event education, experiential learning
Categories: Critical action in the classroom
Kim Ieng Loi, Weng Si Lei(April 11, 2013)
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Summary: The event industry is wide and dynamic. It is challenging for educators to come up with a perfect curriculum to suit all. The blue ocean strategy, in which industry stakeholders are involved in curriculum design, was adopted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University in generating the curriculum of Convention and Event Management (Jones, 2010). Nevertheless, tracking the success of a curriculum …Continue reading →
Keywords: event management education
Categories: Critical action in the classroom
Heather Mair, Pooneh Torabian(April 9, 2013)
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Summary: This paper outlines our collective analyses of our personal travel memories in order to make a broader argument about the merit of using memory-work for critical tourism pedagogy. Following Small’s groundbreaking paper (1999) we chose this qualitative approach because it centres the discussion and critical inquiry within the context of meaningful, personal experiences. Further, it provides an opportunity to add …Continue reading →
Keywords: Memory work, tourism pedagogy
Categories: Critical action in the classroom