Papers – Tourism and its potential as a social force

Elias Torres(June 24, 2013)
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Keywords: Sustainable identity
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Ana Beatriz Borges Serpa, Donária Coelho Duarte, Gilson Zehetmeyer Borda(June 19, 2013)
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Summary: The article reflects about the relationship between Accessibility and Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities (PWD) – people with some physical, intellectual or sensory impairments and senior people in the so-called “third age” – through tourism. It reflects on the prospect of tourism development in Brazil for the coming years, based on what Brazilian tourism industry is developing preparing for …Continue reading →
Keywords: Accessibility, Brazil, disabilility
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Zhanna Assipova(June 12, 2013)
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Summary: The dissolution of the Soviet Union has given rise to a number of newly-independent states which today experience changes in all aspects of their society, including tourism. The Soviet centrally planned management of tourism has now been abolished in the newly-independent states and a market-oriented tourism is in the process of being established. The transition from Soviet tourism to market …Continue reading →
Keywords: Kazakhstan, Post-communist, Social tourism, Soviet Union
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Derek Bryce, Senija Causevic(June 11, 2013)
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Summary: This research examines the role of tourism in the construction of what ‘Balkan’ and ‘Ottoman’ means in modern European discourse. Empirical research, in the form of deep participant observation of the guided tours, and interviews with tour guides on the interpretation of Ottoman Heritage, namely Islamic, Jewish and Christian, took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cities of Sarajevo, and Mostar. …Continue reading →
Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ottoman heritage, tourism
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Margaret Byrne Swain(June 6, 2013)
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Summary: In August 2011, I saw my long-time research site of Wukeshu for the last time. Bulldozers, anxiety and caution surrounded us amid homes marked with “cha¯i 拆” to demolish, a sign repeatedly painted out by families still in residence. My closest Sani friend guided us along rubble-strewn paths to visit family living behind barred gates. It looked like a war …Continue reading →
Keywords: heritage, indigenous, local communities, tourism development
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Bello Vázquez Raquel, Torres Feijó Elias J(June 3, 2013)
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Summary: As a part of a wider project focusing the study of the discourses over the city of Santiago de Compostela, Galiza, and the pilgrimage trough its different trails, we have tried to elaborate for specific application to the study of touristic phenomenon the concept of “sustainable identity.” Besides the theoretical concept, explored by my colleague Elias J. Torres Feijó, my …Continue reading →
Keywords: identity, Sustainability, tourism
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Damir Krešić, Ivan KOŽIĆ, Josip MIKULIĆ(May 31, 2013)
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Summary: Although frequently referred to as “black boxes”, artificial neural networks (ANN) find increasing application in intelligent- and recommender systems in a wide range of industries. In travel and tourism research ANNs have, however, not been extensively used so far. This is despite the fact that first empirical studies in peer-reviewed tourism journals have already been published in the late nineties, …Continue reading →
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network, Tourism Research
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Heike A. Schänzel(May 31, 2013)
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Summary: The aim of this study is to understand the socio-cultural experiences and meanings gained by adolescents on an overseas educational trip. Educational overseas trips are increasingly being offered through secondary schools in New Zealand but not much is known about the meanings and experiences gained by the participating adolescents. In the past, research more broadly in the social sciences has …Continue reading →
Keywords: adolescents, Educational travel, Volunteering
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Inge Hermann(May 23, 2013)
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Summary: Responding to the growing appeal of the gap year amongst young people, the higher education sector, governmental institutions and, perhaps foremost, the tourism industry are increasingly starting to realise the potential of promoting tourism as an arena with moral status and codes, influencing society and individual lives in ‘new’, different and powerful ways. Due to this burgeoning global and identifiable …Continue reading →
Keywords: discourse, gap year, moralisation, representations, tourism, values
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force
Damir Krešić, Katarina Miličević, Nevenko Herceg(May 23, 2013)
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Summary: According to some authors (Van den Berghe, 1994; Grünewald, 2006) cultural and ethnic characteristics for specific ethnic groups, which define them in opposition to other ethnic groups, can become important elements of overall tourism destination appeal or destination image. The hypothesis that multiethnic wealth can represent one of the most important attributes of overall destination appeal and destination image is …Continue reading →
Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Destination branding, multi-ethnic
Categories: Tourism and its potential as a social force