Destination and venue


Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the perfect destination for the 2013 CTS conference – not only is it a lively, charming and beautiful city, it is also one of the most historically interesting and diverse cities in Europe. Regularly hailed as one of Europe’s ‘hidden gems’ and top new destinations, the city is developing its tourism offer after its recovery of the fall of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

So what will you find in Sarajevo? It may be a cliché to say that it is a place where East meets West – yet in this city the mix of cultural influences could not be more obvious. Think a true melting pot of religions: prayer calls may be sounding from the mosque as you make your way to a synagogue, passing by a beautiful cathedral. The rich history of the city is reflected in buildings in Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian or stark Yugoslav architectural styles. A real highlight is the Ottoman quarter, right by the conference venue: here you will find shops selling handmade silver and copper items, and cosy coffee shops. The whole city of Sarajevo is typified by lively cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces, and Bosnian cuisine is a delight, closely related to Turkish, Middle Eastern, and other Mediterranean cuisines.

Throughout the conference we will offer you plenty of opportunities to experience Sarajevo’s culture, food, history and social scene – we have no doubt that this city will steal your heart.  See you soon in Sarajevo!



The conference venue for CTS V is Hotel Europa (5 star), right in the heart of Sarajevo. It is only a short taxi ride away from the airport, in an area that truly reflects the diverse and fascinating history of the city: in less than a square kilometre you can find a catholic cathedral, an orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue. The hotel is also next to Baščaršija, which is famous for its old shops from the Ottoman Empire.

The hotel has four meeting rooms, a large restaurant with beautiful sun terrace, and a stunning Viennese ‘Grand Café’. The bedrooms come in two styles: modern (though with a retro, 60s vibe) or Austrian-Hungarian style. There is also a spa area with indoor pool, saunas and Turkish bath – perfect to unwind after a long conference day.

Room Hotel Europa modern style

CTS delegates can choose to stay in Hotel Europa, but also have the choice of two further accommodation options, located only 2 minutes away in the same street.


Hotel Astra (3 star) is a small and friendly hotel located only 2 minutes from Hotel Europa, the CTS conference venue. It offers comfortable and airy rooms with modern bathrooms. There is a small coffee shop by the reception. The breakfast room is in the basement an can only be reached via stairs, however breakfast will be offered in the mezzanine area for people who have difficulties with stairs. (Guest rooms can be reached via lifts). Guests will be able to use the wellness facilities of Hotel Europe.



Hotel Astra Garni (3 star) is also located only 2 minutes from Hotel Europe, in the other direction along the same street. This hotel is slightly larger than Hotel Astra and has more large rooms for 3 or more people. The breakfast room is in the basement, there are lifts to all floors of the hotel. Guests will be able to use the wellness facilities of Hotel Europe.